OXI ONE, Powerful Sequencer & MIDI Controller

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🎚 OXI ONE is a Poly Sequencer & Controller for MIDI DAW and Modular synths.

  • 4 Fully Configurable Sequencers.
  • Full Featured Performing Keyboard.
  • Song Mode.
  • 4 Lfos, 4 Loopers and 4 Arpeggiators.
  • Up to 128 steps per sequencer.
  • 8 CVs and 8 Gates highly configurable.
  • 32 CC’S Recording.
  • MIDI (trs, usb, bluetooth) to cv and viceversa.
  • Battery Powered.

OXI One comes with a DIN to TRS MIDI adaptor (standard one), USB A to USB C cable and a quick-guide.

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Travel case OXI One

Handy, comfortable & safe case to carry on your OXI One.

Dimensions: 40 x 17 x 7 cm

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