OXI One is a performative sequencer, controller and composition instrument that has 4 fully independent Sequencers that can be configured to any of the modes available (up to 32 tracks) that can play simultaneously. The interface in OXI One is based on horizontal movement between buttons, avoiding nested menus thus making it very intuitive to use, not only without sacrificing functionality but adding innovative layers for performance.

Each Sequencer (1 to 4) has their own dedicated interface and global parameters that are configurable and unique per Sequencer:
  • Piano Roll view and pages
  • MIDI channel configuration (up to 16 tracks on different channels)
  • Keyboard layout, designed for each mode
  • Tracks, depending on mode
  • 16 Pattern slot memory per Project (64 slots per Project for any sequencer mode)
  • Arranger track
  • Arpeggiator per sequencer
  • Randomizer engine
  • Euclidean engine
  • Initial and End steps (per track)
  • Loop (per track)
  • Time signature (per track)
  • CC configuration (up to 8) per sequencer
  • LFO per sequencer


  • Up to 128 steps per Sequencer
  • 4 deeply configurable and independent Sequencers active at the same time (up to 32 tracks)
  • 4 modes to choose from per Sequencer: Monophonic, Polyphonic, Chord, Multitrack (up to 8 independent tracks) more to come
  • Load Patterns and Projects instantly, no load time
  • CVs and Gate outputs are user assignable with a dedicated grid layout that allows changes in real time
  • CV outs support for ADs envelopes, Polyphony, Modulation and LFOs
  • Arranger mode with 4 pattern playback lanes, count down visualization and Program Changes
  • One LFO per Sequencer with assignable destination. CV In can act as an assignable modulator.
  • Live MIDI looper with Rec activation by MIDI in and Rec Extend options
  • USB MIDI, TRS MIDI, BLUETOOTH (BLE) MIDI routable to the CVs and gates outputs
  • Clock out and clock/cv in (which serves as parameter modulation by pulse frequency)
  • Intelligent and musical pattern Randomizer (with humanization and controllable randomization)
  • Innovative chord function, with hotkeys for voicing, inversion and spread
  • Euclidean generator
  • Playback and perform randomizer (velocity, octave, trigger, ratcheting and skipping independently)
  • Keyboard mode per Sequencer with arpeggiators independent of the sequence (10 modes, octavation, gate, rate and hold functions) and chord triggering
  • Internal clock or external sync (USB MIDI, TRS MIDI, BLUETOOTH MIDI and clock IN)
  • Preview function
  • Per step parameters: pitch, velocity, octave, gate, 4x modulation lanes, glide (for cvs outs in mono mode), ratches, micro time offset, probability; strum, voicing and chord type (Chord Mode)
  • Plenty available scales and user selectable root note
  • Open Source app (MacOS, Linux, Windows, iOS and Android) for further configuration and Project backup (under development)
  • 1/32th to 1bar resolution per step
  • Extend function
  • Loop function
  • Selectable Init and End steps (Independent for each track and Sequencer)
  • Selectable MIDI output channels (Independent for each track and Sequencer)
  • Swing per Sequencer
  • Playback directions: forward, backward, alternate, random.
  • Multiple pattern edition features like duplicate, moving patterns in all directions (rotate and transpose)
  • Copy, paste, clear features for patterns, parts, sequences, steps and presets
  • Several Undo steps
  • Up to 15 Projects which include Project configuration and up to 64 Patterns per Project and 16 songs. Pattern exporting possible via the companion app


  • Compact format: 36 x 14 x 1.5 cm, < 1Kg
  • Less than 2cm thick (without knobs)
  • 128×64 bright OLED display
  • 4 rotary encoders with push button
  • 8×16 RGB buttons matrix
  • 5.1 fully functional and compatible MIDI BLE
  • Battery powered for up to 8 hours (may vary) of wireless sequencing via BLE MIDI
  • Premium anodized aluminium case and knobs
  • All case drawings by laser etching
  • Tempered glass screen cover
  • ARM Cortex M4 168Mhz for great timing performance
  • 8 cvs and 8 gates. Support for V/Oct, 1.2V/Oct and Hz/V
  • CVs outputs from -3V to 5V (8 octave range)
  • 5V & 10V gate output
  • 1 CV input
  • Clock & Start-Stop input and outputs (DIN SYNC compatible)
  • TRS and CLOCK to DIN adaptors included

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