OXI ONE MIDI/CV Sequencer SILVER Edition + Travel Case


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Now available in an intriguing limited-edition Silver color, the high-tech silver finish gives this feature-packed hardware sequencer a striking look in your studio or on stage. Despite the change in color, rest assured that this sequencer retains the powerful MIDI and CV sequencing capabilities that have endeared it to musicians and producers. This edition comes with a special grey travel case, too. Estimated shipping in June.

The OXI One is a standalone hardware sequencer that offers unparalleled connectivity with four sequencers and six sequencer modes, offering up to 32 tracks. It can be the heart and brains of your studio, easily connecting with all your gear, DAWs, and modular synths. The One is an incredibly powerful and creative tool designed for producers and live performers.

With its generative capabilities, vast modulation options, eurorack integration, performance tricks, advanced song arranger, and more, you can create and play your music in a new and refreshing way.

Join the OXI One community and discover a new way to compose and perform.

  • 4 Fully Configurable Sequencers.
  • Six sequencer modes (Mono, Poly, Chords, Stochastic, Multitrack and Matriceal)
  • Up to 32 tracks when using Multitrack Mode
  • Integrates with Eurorack, Buchla, and other Modular Synths. 8 CVs and 8 Gates are configurable to send gates, pitch, LFOs, envelopes, and a clock.
  • MIDI over USB, TRS, and Bluetooth (BLE) means the One plays well with synthesizers, drum machines, DAWs, and most music apps.
  • 8 Lfos, 4 Loopers and 4 Advanced arpeggiators.
  • 128 steps length per pattern.
  • 64 patterns per project and 15 projects that you can backup on your computer
  • Record, Draw, and perform CC Automation.
  • Up to 32 Modulation Lanes.
  • Tons of Randomization and Generative Options.
  • Euclidean and Drum patterns generators.
  • Load any project during playback with no wait time.
  • Advanced song arranger.
  • Bluetooth and Battery Powered.
  • CV to MIDI and MIDI to CV converter
  • Harmonizer mode for crafting bassline and lead lines faster
  • Full-Featured Performative Keyboard with multiple layouts
  • Compact, sleek, and premium finish.
  • Undo/Redo with the ability to save the state of a pattern and recall it with a single press.
  • Community-driven with constant software updates and +100 features added.
  • GREY Travel Case for Free!

Manual & Quick Guide Available here

Free DHL Shipping. 

OXI One ships with a Travel Case, DIN to TRS MIDI Adaptor (Type A), USB A to USB C cable, and a quick reference guide.

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