Loading release notes


    1. Connect the Coral to the Computer using a Chrome or Opera browser.
    2. Enter the system bootloader by holding the BOOT button down and then connecting the cable to the Coral’s micro USB port.
    3. Click the Connect button at the top of the page.
    4. Select, “DFU in FS Mode” or any other device on the list that shows as “DFU…”
    5. Now do either of the following:
      • Flash the latest firmware available.
      • Or click the Choose File button, to select a specific firmware .bin file. You can download other firmware versions in this site.
    6. Click Program, and wait for the progress bar to finish.
    7. If the program does not start immediately, pressing RESET on the Coral will cause the program to start running.


In order to use this updater, you need an up-to-date version of Chrome or Opera browsers.
On windows, you may have to update the driver to WinUSB. Check this link. Or you can download the free software, Zadig.



This firmware adds a new engine:

  • Additive synthesis with Wavefolding and Diode emulation distortion
  • Harm controls the harmonic content center
  • Timbre: wavefolding amount
  • Morph: Diode distortion amount

Hi-hat and Snare models are combined into one. Morph crossfades between them.


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