NOTICE:  We have received from our supplier a batch with some bad performance Micro SD Cards.
Corals from the second batch (starting with Serial number from 2346001 to 2346100) might be affected.
If you own a Coral that could be impacted, please reach out to us with the serial number of your device.


Loading release notes


  1. Connect the Coral to the Computer using a Chrome or Opera browser.
  2. Enter the system bootloader by holding the BOOT button down and then connecting the cable to the Coral’s micro USB port.
  3. Click the Connect button at the top of the page.
  4. Select, “DFU in FS Mode” or any other device on the list that shows as “DFU…”
  5. Now select any firmware from the drop-down menu.
  6. Click Program, and wait for the progress bar to finish.


In order to use this updater, you need an up-to-date version of Chrome, Opera or Brave browsers.

On windows, you may have to update the driver to WinUSB. Check this Windows documentation link.
Or you can download the free software, Zadig.

Check the available settings in the Options.txt file. Set 0 or 1 according to your needs.

polycv 1    // 0: play voices in unison 1: enables polyphony with cv
cvpart 0   // 0: part CV selects which part is affected by CV modulation 1: part CV modulates the part engine
mpeena 0 // enable mpe
hpfilt 1     // enable hp filter (disable chorus and takes over this secondary paramter)


Choose your firmware below!

  • If the updater isn’t working on your Chrome or Opera browser, try clearing the cache or press Shift + Command + R for a hard refresh.
  • Make sure you connect the module to the computer using a good Micro USB data cable (and not power only!).

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