Let’s talk a bit more about the current modes available to choose from (more to come!). Remember that you can choose 4 in any combination you want to better fit your setup and needs.


Innovative chord function

Innovative chord function generation for easy creation of chord progressions with plenty chords types and voicings with a dedicated chord menu.

Easily create arpeggios

Easily create arpeggios from the chord progressions with the built in chord arpeggiator.

Strum your chords

Easily strum your chords or create arpeggios with the built in chord arpeggiator.

Dedicated Keyboard layout

Dedicated Keyboard layout; Hotkeys to voicing, inversion and spread of the chords allows performative changes in real time.

Edit your chords

Edit all your chords at once and easily change the mood of your track.

Modular System Compatibility

Playing and sequencing chords in your Modular System has never been so easy.  Select how many Cv and Gates outputs you want for your chord track and Oxi One will automatically assign every chord voice to the available cv outputs.

Per step parameters:

Up to 128 steps with the following parameters

  • Chord type
  • Chord voicing
  • Strum (of cv out)
  • Probability
  • Retrigger (ratchets)
  • Micro offset
  • Velocity
  • Octave
  • Gate
  • 4x selectable CC Mod


8 tracks with independent Start-End steps and length

Configurable midi out per track

Scale note filtering

Per step of every track

Up to 128 steps with the following parameters

  • Velocity
  • Pitch
  • Gate
  • CC Mod
  • Retrigger
  • Trigger probability
  • Micro timing offset

Per track parameters

  • MIDI Channel
  • Pitch Offset
  • Time signature
  • CC selection
  • Glide
  • LFO On/Off
  • Random On/Off

In the Keyboard view there is a specific layout with instant access to track MuteSolo and Focus.
The last one allows to select which one you want to play/record.



Up to 128 steps with the following parameters

  • Glide (of cv out)
  • Probability
  • Retrigger (ratchets)
  • Micro offset
  • Velocity
  • Octave
  • Gate
  • 4x selectable CC Mod


Up to 128 steps with up to 7 notes each with the following parameters

  • Glide (of cv out)
  • Probability per note
  • Retrigger per note
  • Micro offset per note
  • Velocity per note
  • Octave per note
  • Gate per note
  • 4x CC Mod


OXI One has always had plenty of generative tools:
different randomisation options, some of them quite uncommon like time division randomisation and modulation.
Euclidean and algorithmic pattern generators, S&H, polymeters, etc.
All them combined allowed to create different recipes that bring really unexpected results.

We wanted to expand this concept with a new mode, a hands on generative tool.

  • Create a sound palette by choosing the probability for each note in a scale to be played.
  • The set probability will also have an influence on how the rhythm evolves
  • This probability can be modulated by internal and external sources to evolve the pattern over time
  • You can lock independently rhythm from pitch or adjust the amount of randomization to create evolving melodic motifs.
  • The time division can also be randomised !
  • All randomisation and modulation options existing in the OXI One are working just as in the other sequencer modes
  • Loop on different parts to focus on specific generated melodic ideas
  • Save your recipes and make a song out of it with the Arranger!
  • Full CV and Gate support for modular delight

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