Hello OXIes! 🙂

If you are here it is because you have been curious about the world we are creating at OXI Instruments and, maybe, you want to know a little bit more about us.

What is our mission?

Our mission for you is to provide you the ability to create and perform your music in a new, easy, intuitive and fulfilling way.

What is our vision?

We are focused on innovation, giving our best for making new tools for creating, performing and editing music for a reasonable price.

How did this adventure start?

Like all great stories, there is always a trigger behind the creation of projects. In this case, Oxi Instruments was born from the idea of Manuel, a young spanish engineer with a passion for music and several years of background in music production.

What were the beginnings of Oxi Instruments?

Manuel was working in a totally different sector than music and electronic instruments when he started working on the project. After some time combining his daily job, he decided to quit and focus 100% of his time on defining the idea and start making the first prototypes.

This is how OXI One was born, the first sequencer and controller from Oxi Instruments and one of the most complete on the market in terms of quality – price.


Who is behind the OXI ONE project?




Customer service 🙂


Finances and accountant





People who made this possible:


MBA, Master in ecommerce & advertising

Carlos aka Verbose

Sound designer and Eurorack Guru

Carlos Patiño

Electronics design and production

Master in Telecommunications & Electronics

Hardware consultant

Besides us, many people have collaborated along the way so that the project has been able to reach the current point:

  • Our beloved people of NANO Modules
  • David aka Klaustrophil
  • AMMI Technologies
  • Launchboom
  • Our beloved suppliers
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